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This Month’s Dream Destination — Lopburi

Lopburi province isn't widely known by visitors yet, but actually carries a long history in Thailand. Old structures such as temples and palaces are being left behind and delicately taken care of by the locals. The local market still gives the sense of nature and the city is abundant in agriculture where you see people put their product on a piece of cloth on the ground or their weave table. All of these are right in the center of Thailand in terms of location.

The city used to be called the Kingdom of Lavo and has aged over 3,000 years accounting to be one of the oldest cities.

Pasak Chonlasit Dam is a famous landmark and a preserved memory, built by our beloved late King Bhumibol Adulyadej. It benefits millions of lives, ensuring plenty of water supply during droughts and protecting people from floods during the rainy season.

Lopburi is a travel choice for those that want to experience a new destination with nature and enriched through Thai traditions.

Feel the Freedom of the Sea

Looking for a nice weekend or day trip escape from Bangkok? Together with our partner, the Ocean Marina Yacht Club Jomtien/Pattaya, we are happy to offer you special charter deals:

All you have to do is jump on the yacht and all amenities will be right there for you, including snorkeling gear, fishing rods, soft drinks and ice, towels, and of course a captain and the crew.

Our exclusive deal provides you with a 20% discount on all charters (in THB):

Boat Name Capacity (pax)  Full Day  Half Day Hourly
Siamese Cat6 8,000 5,600 1,600
Asara 8 24,000 16,000 4,000
Champagne 18 32,000 20,000 5,600

We also have special deals for yachts up to 25 and up to 30 pax (with 20% discount, between THB 5,600-8,000 per hour).

All of these can be reserved for you by contact us at, by phone +66(0)26664969 or via our online store at

Welcome to our New Advisors

We are proud to welcome Mr. Yodchai Sudhidhanakul and Ms. Sarinya Mahadumrongkul to our Advisory Board, joining our existing advisors from Thailand and Europe, spanning the aviation, hospitality and luxury goods industries.

Mr. Sudhidhanakul is a renowned aviation executive in Thailand. He has been the Chief Executive Officer of NokScoot since 2017. Prior to his appointment as NokScoot CEO, he was the Chief Commercial Officer at Nok Air, which he had joined at its inception in 2004.
In his words: “Thailand’s aviation has been lacking behind when it comes to last mile accessibility on water. This is particularly surprising for a top rated tourist destination. Having my vacation residence on the Island of Koh Mak I‘m excited to contribute in closing this gap.”

Ms. Mahadumrongkul is an experienced executive with a strong record in the hospitality and luxury watch industry, namely as Executive Director of Ninesotel, and as a Marketing Director of C. Thong Panich. She specialises in hospitality development and management, marketing, PR, and branding. She says: "Seaplanes provide a number of benefits to the hotel industry in Thailand as they offer customers a comfortable and convenient method of travel to many destinations. Seaplanes will definitely elevate hotel services by giving guests an incredible and unique experience which makes it a very interesting partnership for hotels."

Read our official Press Release here.

Scheduled & charter - what's the difference?

Aviation around the world is run by systems. The way services are delivered to the customers for bookings can be viewed in two ways: scheduled flights and charter flights. A simple example that we can see in our daily life is how airlines offer their tickets. These are scheduled flights. The flights are pre-scheduled with time slots, even before there are any bookings. They will then be advertised for customers to choose. We can see these as routine flights such as an airline flying from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport to Chiang Mai airport every Monday morning.

Another type, charter flights, can be seen primarily for private bookings, or booking (chartering) the entire aircraft for a customer’s purpose. For Siam Seaplane we will begin with charter flights for our guests at an accessible price. Charter however does not mean that you have to book the entire airplane - by-the-seat shared experiences, just like on a scheduled service, are also possible.

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