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Siam Seaplane will offer Thailand’s first of its kind premium seaplane service, providing faster, easier and seamless access to waterfront resorts, beaches and marinas.

A premium service for any holiday makers, groups of friends and families, and the most exclusive VIP service for discerned executives and influential persons.


  • Arriving right in front of the resort? That’s what we do
  • Our seaplanes are amphibious: we can take-off and land on both land and water
  • Airport and waterfront lounges for our guests go without saying
  • Every guest is a VIP to us
  • Goodie bags, of course. Champagne tumblers? …on the flight!
  • Comfortable seats and air-conditioning
  • Want more than a view? iPads with personalized content and WiFi
  • Our seaplanes are spacious and comfortable for up to 10 guests
  • Special VIP? Cargo or medical evacuation? We can reconfigure quickly
  • Cost-efficient operations allow for prices most people can’t believe


Easy-to-use and beautiful, personalized digital interfaces — from app to web — enabling a smooth booking process, in-flight entertainment and more.

Wrapped in a personalized, beautiful digital platform makes it seamless from searching, to booking, to enjoying the flight experience and beyond.

We commit to always offer a faster, hassle-free, comfortable & luxurious experience — to safely bring you from the airport to your final waterfront destination.
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Our strategic partners range from luxury beach resorts, marinas and other waterfront locations, to tour operators and DMCs. Read about opportunities, who we are, our monthly updates and press clippings.

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Private Air Charter

You want to make your journey seamless, whether for leisure or business. Prior to launching our own seaplane services, we can already provide you with the best of private air charter services.

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Exclusive deals from our partner resorts and hotels across our destinations. Carefully curated and only available here. All Destinations by Siam Seaplane enjoy exclusive benefits not offered elsewhere.

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We're all about providing you with unparalleled memories. Explore select experiences by our partners, such as yacht charters, adventurous services, and luxury getaways. All Experiences by Siam Seaplane enjoy exclusive benefits not offered elsewhere.

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