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Siam Seaplane will offer Thailand’s first of its kind premium seaplane service — providing faster, easier and seamless access to waterfront resorts, beaches and marinas.

A premium service for holiday makers, groups of friends, families, and the most exclusive VIP treatment for discerned executives and influential persons.


  • Arriving right in front of the waterfront resort
  • Amphibious seaplanes — take-off and land on both ground and water
  • Exclusive lounges
  • Full VIP treatment
  • Comfortable, spacious seats for up to eight guests and air-conditioning
  • Accessible pricing
  • Premium gifts for each passenger
  • iPad prior to boarding and during the flight with internet
  • Become a member via the button below to be first in line, as well as earn a possible 20% discount when we fly —
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Easy-to-use and personalized digital interfaces — app or web — enabling a smooth booking process, in-flight entertainment, loyalty program, and more. We have a presence on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Cutting-edge technology also powers our backend to ensure safe and efficient operations, from ticketing and reservations, early flight planning to flight-following and post analysis.

We safely bring our discerning guests to their destinations saving them valuable time while providing a premium and uniquely memorable experience.

Siam Scenic

We are excited to introduce to you our new aviation brand, offering premium private charter and sightseeing flights in Thailand from May 2024. Your imaginative journey — starts here.


Siam Seaplane

You want to make your journey seamless, whether for leisure or business. Prior to launching our own seaplane services, we can already provide you with the best of private jet charter services.


Partner Resorts

Exclusive deals from our partner resorts and hotels across our destinations. Carefully curated and only available here. All offers enjoy exclusive benefits not offered elsewhere.

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We are all about providing you with unparalleled memories. Explore select experiences by our partners, such as yacht charters, adventures, and luxury getaways. All ‘Experiences by Siam Seaplane’ are also exclusive.

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Siam Seaplane is part and parcel of the recovery plan for Thailand.

Yuthasak Supasorn

Governor, Tourism Authority of Thailand
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The sky will brighten up with Siam Seaplane operation and create a whole new dimension of Thai Tourism by unlocking conveniently every corner of the nation; the sky truly is the limit.

Bjorn Courage

GM, InterContinental Phuket
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If it can work in the Maldives it can work in Thailand — wake up people it’s a great business model! Every new seaplane airline is music to my ears! I wish Siam Seaplane Thailand much success.

Tomas Chlumecky

Globally renowned aviation executive; managed six aviation companies, and worked with many more
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Siam Seaplane is a much needed service saving you hours of travel time.

Yodchai Sudhidhanakul

CEO NokScoot
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Tropic Ocean Airways was built on the belief that amphibious seaplane services can be provided on the highest level of safety, professionalism and guest experience. Siam Seaplane has the same goal, and we look forward to working together to make that a reality.

Rob Ceravolo

CEO Tropic Ocean Airways
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Siam Seaplane are young entrepreneurs bringing quality services to our area.


Largest privately-owned shipyard in Southeast Asia
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Siam Seaplane will be one of our ‘Reallyreallycool’ experiences that will open up Thailand in a very cool way — both on land and water!

Patee Sarasin

Founder & former CEO at Nok Air, CEO of Really Really Cool
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If there’s a game changer in Thailand’s travel industry, this will be it. Looking for the experience with Siam Seaplane to fly me directly from bustling Bangkok to my favorite island resort!

Zom Ammara Siripong

Singer & Actress
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Siam Seaplane have great plans to bring a new and exciting floatplane transport service into Thailand’s tourism scene. If this works out it will be a great achievement helping to develop difficult to reach resorts in a pleasant new way. I wish Siam Seaplane success.

Luzi A. Matzig

VIP Jets Ltd.
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Siam Seaplane is a game changer. Thailand is opening up and tourism is going to boom big time — from sightseeing trips to convenient relocation and medivac emergencies at sea. Siam Seaplane bringing them to Thailand is beyond exciting. We very much look forward to working with them.

Richard Hayes

CEO/Owner, Tiger Marine Charter, Phuket
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It is my vision to develop Rayong to be ready to use seaplanes in the future to create the growth of the Rayong economy and improve the quality of life for Rayong residents in the future.

Piya Pituthecha

President of the Provincial Administrative Organization
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EEC is looking forward to supporting seaplanes, where it will bring in high standard transportation into Thailand.

Dr. Kanit Sangsubhan

Secretary General, Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC)
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Conserving the environment is not any one individual’s duty, as no one escapes from the environment — natural resources are all around us. Koh Talu Island Resort & Siam Seaplane are environmentally friendly, with sustainability at their core.

Phaopipat Charoenpak