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Bangkok, Thailand, 28 September 2020 — Siam Seaplane Co., Ltd., a premium seaplane service for the Kingdom of Thailand, today announced its appointment of a new Advisory Board.

Siam Seaplane has been preparing to launch amphibious seaplane services in Thailand, providing faster, easier and seamless access to waterfront resorts, beaches and marinas. The new Advisory Board complements the executive team with high-level and strategic advice. Ms. Worakanya Siripidej, CEO of Siam Seaplane, states: “we are proud of these appointments. We believe in a highly collaborative approach and welcome advice from these distinguished and diverse executives to propel us further, and offer not just a transportation alternative but a great new experience and lifestyle in Thailand soon.”

The Advisory Board consists of a diverse team of executives from Thailand and Europe, spanning the aviation, hospitality and luxury goods industries, including — 

Yodchai Sudhidhanakul
Mr. Sudhidhanakul has been the Chief Executive Officer of NokScoot since 2017. Prior to his appointment as NokScoot CEO, Mr. Sudhidhanakul was the Chief Commercial Officer at Nok Air, which he had joined at its inception in 2004.
He states: “Thailand’s aviation has been lacking behind when it comes to last mile accessibility on water. This is particularly surprising for a top rated tourist destination. Having my vacation residence on the Island of Koh Mak I‘m excited to contribute in closing this gap.”

Lauri Komi
Mr. Komi is an over 30 year aviation executive and airline check captain. He was a co-founder and the Director of Flight Operations (DFO) at Air Finland for ten years. His strong expertise is in flight operations having held the position of chief pilot and DFO in several other start-ups and established companies in and out of Europe. For the past seven years he has been operating out of Thailand.
He states: “During my years in aviation, this is one of the most exciting projects and I'm very proud to be a part of it. Establishing seaplane operations in Thailand is needed, and hence a very good business idea. I know from what I have seen so far that the Siam Seaplane team is very competent to make this happen.”

Sarinya Mahadumrongkul
Ms. Mahadumrongkul is an experienced executive with a strong record in the hospitality and luxury watch industry, namely as an Executive Director of Ninesotel, a hotel owning company, and as a Marketing Director of C. Thong Panich. She specialises in hospitality development and management, marketing, PR, and branding.
She states: “Seaplanes provide a number of benefits to the hotel industry in Thailand as they offer customers a comfortable and convenient method of travel to many destinations. Seaplanes will definitely elevate hotel services by giving guests an incredible and unique experience which makes it a very interesting partnership for hotels.”

Krisna Thiengtham
Mr. Thiengtham is the Deputy Managing Director of silverware manufacturer and jeweler Thai Nakon R.O.P. and Thai Nakon Intimex. He also leads an aviation consultancy and has a strong passion for combining high-end services with the mass market.
He states: “As tourism is a major income for Thailand, the seaplane business will obviously serve consumers on both sides of the ocean. With a good combination of the Siam Seaplane team from different business industries and government units, but relevant with the same goal, I have no doubt that they will create something unforgettable yet affordable.”


About Siam Seaplane

Siam Seaplane Co., Ltd. is developing the first-of-its-kind seaplane service for the Kingdom of Thailand. Its slogan is: “Once in a lifetime — every time,” aiming to offer faster, easier and seamless access to waterfront locations across Thailand. This will be a premium service for any holiday makers, groups of friends and families, and the most exclusive VIP service for discerned executives and influential persons.

Siam Seaplane also signed a letter of intent in February 2020 with Tropic Ocean Airways, USA to build and launch sustainable seaplane operations. Tropic Ocean Airways offers private charter flights, scheduled trips, dock-to-yacht and cargo services in Florida, the Northeast U.S., the Bahamas, and the Caribbean.

Siam Seaplane has further partnered with many of the leading Thai luxury resorts and marinas, with a joint interest to offer seaplane services, enhancing air access and egress as well as interconnectivity for residents, visitors, and enhancing the current tourist offer and experience.


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