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Diversity & Siam Seaplane

The concept of diversity in the workplace has been gaining more attention than ever. Encouraging diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in a team is recognized as a significant value and great driver for companies’ and their teams’ success. For Siam Seaplane, the importance of workplace diversity to business success is not merely an attempt, but rather deeply embedded in our company formation and structure.

Siam Seaplane consists of a world-class Thai and international team of aviation and business executives. We provide equal opportunities for staff, regardless of differences, and appreciate and respect their individual uniqueness in gender, age, race, religions, nationalities, sexual orientation, education and more. We know that diversity can benefit the workplace, with various backgrounds and different perspectives, so we are able to not only see challenges from different angles, but also to bring more innovative and practical solutions, helping our team to gain a competitive edge.

In the aviation industry, the gap in gender diversity still remains high. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), only 3% of leadership roles in the aviation industry are women. We are proud that our CEO belongs to that select group, and 50% of our team members are female.

“I am glad to be part of Siam Seaplane along with the excellent women in our team. I support social progress in gender equality. We as a team celebrate the gain of gender diversity and support equal opportunities for all genders.” 
— Yok Worakanya, CEO Siam Seaplane

In order to support more gender diversity in this industry, we also encourage the recruitment of female pilots, and are happy to have a commercially-certified female pilot in our team already. This is not just to overcome the legacy of societal stereotypes and gender bias, but we make sure that participation, promotion and development opportunities of all employees are equal.

Diversity can also mean challenges. In being part of a highly multinational team at Siam Seaplane, currently counting 10 nationalities, we may face additional challenges and ought to learn how to understand each and every one, regardless of country of origin, language spoken or culture. We believe diversity gives the company the freedom to select the most talented people, despite differences. And when we get to know each other, our differences foster more productivity and increase performance. 

Research released in 2020 from McKinsey & Company, a management consulting firm, revealed that companies combining a diversity in gender, race, and ethnicity are more likely to earn above-average profit than the national ones by around 35%. Diversity and inclusion are a vital part of workplace culture. It is important for the well-being of a company's employees, and will benefit the business itself. We believe it is one of the best competitive differentiators. And it is not only the internal environment of the team, as we expect our guests that are equally from across the world, with different expectations, backgrounds, culture and language. Therefore, this further helps us to build trust in our brand and service, with a varied target market.

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