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Seaplanes — Pets Included

Today, in Thailand, there are over a thousand pet friendly activities and destinations, including our partners such as The Standard Hua Hin, Tolani Resort Kui Buri, and Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui. Now more than ever, pet owners are planning to go on holidays with their pets, with 78% of pet owners preferring to travel with pets by plane or car in these years—whether to go for paddle boarding, yachting, kayaking or jet boarding.

Recently, one of the most popular pet travel trends is to bring pets for a walk on the beach, to enjoy the waves and fresh air. However, still, one of owners’ biggest concerns is the extra trouble to get their pet to the destination, especially when travel requires multiple stopovers and dealing with crowds of people. These often make owners shorten the length and the frequency of their holidays as a result of such stress. 

The good news is that our service will be completely pet-friendly. Once we launch, Siam Seaplane will be happy to welcome your four-legged companion, including service animals, on our flights (cats or dogs weighing no more than 8kg; two animals maximum per flight). With the distinct capacity of our service, both you and your pet will be able to quickly and comfortably reach your final waterfront destination direct with no crowds to deal with, keeping you and your pet anxiety-free. So, you and your little friends can fully enjoy your vacation together to its fullest.

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July 13, 2022
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Key stakeholders from the government and business community met to discuss the benefits of seaplanes to Thailand.
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