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Scenic Demo Tour

Partners and pilots about to board and take off

A big week for Siam Seaplane as we set for the skies above Thailand with our valued partners. Planning for this endeavor was a challenge as the tour consisted of multiple flights to different destinations. This was only made possible by thorough planning and execution by our team from all departments down to the last detail. Weeks of planning went into our 4-day trip at multiple locations to privately demonstrate our aircraft. Hotels had to be booked, landing permits had to be requested, flights had to be planned.

Careful coordination between our maintenance crew and pilots were key to making our Siam Scenic Promo Tour a success. Flying from A to B is certainly not like driving a car where you can hop in with the keys and full tank of gas. Weight and fuel requirements of each flight had to be meticulously calculated by our pilots to ensure safe limits of the aircraft as well as determine the runway length requirements for each airport we visited. Proper maintenance of the aircraft also plays a critical role in our operations where we set to meet and exceed all safety requirements therefore, we had our very own maintenance crew, Suvicha Pokpong, on standby at all airports during the trip. The maintenance engineer can inspect and perform any necessary repairs or optimizations to the aircraft before it is cleared for takeoff again.

On approach with maintenance engineer on standby

Once again, we succeeded and delivered an unforgettable experience for our passengers and team. With many more flights to come, we look forward to going above and beyond with our services.

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