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In the world of aviation travel, the spotlight often shines on the elegant takeoffs, scenic flights and smooth landings. But, it is the professionals behind the scenes who make these moments possible. Our operations leadership, Capt. Lionel Mougel and Fabrice Mouton, are rapidly ramping up the team for launch. Let us take a closer look at the team’s background and duties.

Nicholas Heart Addison started with us as an intern, and has recently returned full time after earning his engineering degree and gaining practical maintenance, repair and overhaul knowledge while at Airbus. He sums up our commitment: “We are here to provide an experience, not just a service.” Sirinat Suteethorn, our Operations & Legal Associate, deftly untangles aviation regulations and manages legal matters. Having previously worked for the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand, as well as various legal officer roles for corporations, she gives us deep insight into navigating ever changing details.

Lina Tay leads quality and safety by maintaining the highest standards. His counterpart, Wasu Sangsuwan says, “safety is paramount; there’s no compromise.” He comes to us after previously working at four large commercial jet operations, while Lina has years of experience at a regional airline. Both ensure that every journey will be as secure as it is enjoyable. Aligning with them, Suvicha Pokpong is our lead Maintenance Engineer, with eighteen years of experience on a vast array of aircraft from helicopters to seaplanes; too many to list here. He conducts routine inspections and repairs to keep our fleet in top flying condition. He troubleshoots issues, documents maintenance activities, and ensures compliance. His responsibilities are essential to consistent airworthiness.

Suthida Chaimongkolj, who joined us today as Flight Dispatch & Ground Operations Associate, plays a crucial role behind the scenes, managing flight schedules and much more. She explains, “Our meticulous planning ensures that every takeoff and landing will be seamless.” By way of contrast, our senior associates Michael Blaney Davidson and Dheeruth Leelawat have been with Siam Seaplane since our early days, bringing hands-on learnings and direction. “Experience is our foundation, and our pursuit of improvement is constant,” Dheeruth mentions. Both being pilots, their example inspires the team to operate with the utmost professionalism.

This dedicated team’s steadfast commitment and enthusiasm in their respective roles drive our company towards operational status. Their collective expertise, passion, and professionalism guarantee that every future journey will be more than mere transportation — it becomes a memorable experience. The commitment to excellence they exemplify sets our operations apart from the industry average.

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