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Lampuga Launch

Lampuga Electric Surfboards will be officially launched in Thailand by Jetboard Thailand from 21st to 23rd of May on the island of Koh Phangan. These electric surfboards have a battery capacity of 45 minutes, and they can operate at a speed of 50km/hour. The theme of the launch event will be Sustainable Water Sports and offer a variety of activities, workshops, and sessions for the customers. This event will be held in partnership with Zak Extreme, Breeze Surf Club, and local partners and associations. 

Jetboard Thailand is the sole and official distributor of this electric surfboard with maintenance and servicing capability. It is the sister company of Siam Seaplane and started in 2021 for the distribution of high-quality electric surfboards and boats. Sustainability and environmental protection are the core values of the company.

While surfing requires much skill and precision, these electric surfboards are easy even for beginners. They are made from high-quality materials and are extremely durable and sustainable. Manufactured in Germany with CE and IECEE certification, the jetboards have undergone thorough testing and come with a manufacturer warranty. 

The first rentals for the Lampuga Electric Surfboards are already available now with Zak Extreme, Samut Prakhan Watersport Club, located 10 minutes away from Bang Na, Bangkok. Several luxury hotels will also offer jetboard rentals to their guests,  with the Amanpuri Phuket being the first on the Thai market. Target customers for the Lampuga Electric Surfboards are hotels, yacht owners, charter companies, watersport lakes and service providers, as well as watersport lovers. 

Speaking about the product, Katesiree Lertlaksirikul, owner of Zak Extreme, says — “I’m amazed by the modular design. It makes it convenient to move around. It has a high safety system and great innovation. Easy for beginners, and stable on the water. You can have fun jetboarding by yourself and with friends.”  

While Alexander Pick, Managing Director of Lampuga, says about the Thailand launch — “After a successful launch of Lampuga in the European markets, we now are very much looking forward to develop a strong partnership with Jetboard Thailand and the joint introduction of our fun products to the Asian markets.” 

Lampuga Electric Surfboards also offer safe and innovative solutions for coastal rescue operations.

Interested parties and media are invited to join the launch event for demo sessions and to learn more. 

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Company Name — Jetboard Thailand

Contact Person — Ms. Khemjira Thakamwong

Phone  — +66 (0) 2 684 6996

City — Bangkok

Country — Thailand

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