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High Season

It is understood that Thailand is one of the hottest tourist destinations, with temperatures reaching a range of around 21–35 degrees Celsius (70–95 Fahrenheit). As summer has come to a close in Thailand, we are currently in the monsoon, or wet season, during which the rain begins with heavy but inconsistent rainfall, typically lasting for an hour or two. Therefore, during the later months from October to February, Thailand experiences its yearly cold season where the temperatures are a lovely 21–25 degrees Celsius (70–77 Fahrenheit). This allows for the perfect time to travel for both foreigners and Thais alike — and, it marks the beginning of the high season for travel. 

It is a well-known fact that prices soar during the end of the year, and more importantly during the high season of travel. It is simply because there are more tourists during the high season, and accommodation prices need to rise to contend with the increase in demand. To stay competitive, hoteliers have increased the number of activities outside the room offerings and other comforts during the high season, to ensure that guests have a great time and experience the full benefits of the hotels and resorts. Not to mention specific cyclical events that typically only occur during the high season, travelers can enjoy not only the most the hotel has to offer but also what the entire community has to offer. 

Despite it only being August, it is important for travelers to realize the importance of thinking ahead, by planning their end-of-the-year vacations ahead of time — the savvy traveler can get a leg-up on the competition and secure the best rates they possibly can. Hoteliers welcome the early planner as they are able to get an overview of the number of guests and thus will incentivize travelers with a variety of promotions, such as early bird promotions, longer stay promotions, discounts on club benefits, and more. 

Not only are accommodations getting more expensive, but also transportation. Siam Seaplane will offer an alternative to traditional modes of transportation, and allow travelers to reach their desired location with ease and comfort to fully enjoy their end-of-the-year vacation. In the meantime, as we prepare our route and charter flight readiness, ‘Destinations by Siam Seaplane’ offers you exclusive deals from our hotel and resort friends and partners.

News & Press

April 12, 2024
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January 22, 2024
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Country's first seaplane base planned for Phuket.
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