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Our Airplane Fleet

We operate amphibious Cessna Grand Caravan 208 EX.

Luxury & Experience

  • Comfortable for up to 8 guests
  • Articulating reclining executive leather seats, all First Class
  • Filtered air conditioning, power outlets
  • Middle facing seats with lacquered high-gloss wood veneer accented tables for work or pleasure
  • Ample leg room for all
  • 2-place cushioned divan in rear
  • Seats move and rotate for any configuration
  • Coffee machine and amenity interior storage

Aircraft 1, HS-SSP

Under the brand of Siam Scenic, our first aircraft provides sightseeing and ground-to-ground charter flights.
See below a slideshow of selected photos of the aircraft's exterior and interior:

Aircraft 2 and 3

In 2024, Siam Seaplane will commence operation with further amphibious Cessna Grand Caravan EX.

Within 5 Years

We are aiming to expand our fleet to 15 amphibious aircraft.

Do you own an aircraft or would like to acquire one?

As part of our Siam Aero Services, we can both operate your aircraft as well as help you in the acquisition process. If this something you'd like our aviation and business experts to discuss with you, please contact us here.